Thursday, August 12, 2010

Old School X-Tina

I'm completely out of new music. I mean, new music to share that is. I have plenty of cd's just lying around the cluster fuck that is my bedroom, waiting to be organized by band alphabetically and my Pandora play list has reached a MAXIMUM. That's right. It turns out that you can only create so many playlists before Pandora is all "You have do we say this...out of control. Please delete some of this shit. Do you really need a playlist completely devoted to Iron and Wine? They all start to sound the same after awhile, don't they? Get real, Ashley."

So on top of feeling insulted, I'm at a loss of what to pass on. Give me the weekend, I'm sure it will come to me. In the mean time I came across this movie trailer (my second love, right after new bands I get off of television shows) with Christina Aguilera and CHER. That's right. THE CHER. And she looks even more man-ish in this film than I have ever seen someone look that isn't or hasn't been a legitimate MAN but really, it just looks great.

You know, if you're into that musical movies Center Stage/Moulin Rouge/Save the Last Dance kind of crap that I'm into.

And trust me, I know. Even you dudes are excited. You can't help it. It's THE CHER! And she says sassy stuff in it like "You have to make me believe that you belong on that stage!"

It's so weird how one movie trailer can make me want to be a burlesque dancer. Or Cher. I can't decide...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You Know Me, It's All Or None

If you are in the mood for chic music...and I mean really, truly, red wine drinking at home chic music then you are in for a treat. It's been a while since I've blogged and I can't even remember if I gave you this girl yet but Missy Higgins has been a station on my Pandora for about a week now. While I can't find anyone who really compares to her and this song, I'm not ready to give up yet. I slow dance BY MYSELF at home to this song, it's that depressingly good.

Missy Higgins, Where I Stood, can be found on amazon here but really, if you're anything like me, you just replay this video twelve more times before the day is over and call it a night.

Ashley here, changing your life one musical day at a time.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stealing Pt, 2

There's something about a really simple piano repeated rhythm that gets to me. The way Regina Spektor can take something really simple and light and make it the base for an entire song is what has me hooked to her music. This weird band, Wakey Wakey, does the same thing and it just makes me bounce while listening. Not to mention their album is titled "Almost everything I wish I had said the last time I saw you..." which could probably not be more spot on. The fact that they recognize it's ALMOST everything is key. Because no matter how many times you think in your head 'This would have been perfect!' always go back and think of something more.

There's always one more thing you would you had said.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I haven't watched One Tree Hill since Peyton and Lucas left. That's just what loyal fans do...they stop watching a show when they get rid of a main character for no reason!

So I'm currently surfing the music from the website so I can still get the benefits of the show without having to actually watch it. Also, I'm eating Ben & Jerry's Cake Batter Ice Cream. An unbeatable combination. Please enjoy Mumford & Sons. The title reminds me of a mom & pop's mechanic shop, but the music reminds me of something completely different. That might just be the Ben & Jerry's, clouding my mind.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

But What If He Has Got Slippery Hands?

I'm not sure what kind of music genre this song falls under. It's a little folk..a little Johnny Cash gospel...but from, like, when Johnny was a kid himself. There's something about the harmonica that I cannot deny. I will not deny. I must learn how to play one myself, in fact.

In the mean time, The Wood brothers don't have anything more official looking than these live performance videos on Youtube. This song was featured in the movie I watched the other night, The Greatest, that I talked about here. And yes, I still do wish I was this chick because things turned out great for her despite the fact that the love of her life is dead. The entire movie featured great songs, now that I think about it. Rent it if you're in the mood to cry. Same goes for this song. GEEZ IT'S BEEN A LONG DAY.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Remember when you were younger and all you wanted for your birthday was for someone to show up on your doorstep with a pet kitten?

Wish granted, Matt December.

This weekend, my friend Beth (whom you've heard so much about recently!) and I did a 5k with some coworkers of mine to benefit the Dillon Cope Foundation. Turns out the money actually goes to the Children's Hospital to benefit children with leukemia and they raised over $8,000 with this one walk alone. So, you know, we were feeling giving. And tired. And unshowered. As seen here:

After a grueling workout through the Amazon (well, Bloomer Park can FEEL like the Amazon), we had plans to take a kitten from my coworker, Crystal, who's cat had them eight weeks prior. Beth and myself were all "You know who needs a kitten? MATT. Matt needs a kitten."

And thus, we became the Oprah Winfrey's of gift giving.

A few hours later we were in the possession of one very sassy little boy kitten who doesn't like to be held. Seen here:

It might appear that we got the Bram Stoker of kittens, but I swear, he's nicer than he appears here.

In all honesty, buying someone a kitten without asking is irresponsible. It also can go wrong on more than one level. Like the way Matt mentioned at lunch after we had given it to him, "Man. I hope I'm not allergic to cats."

I thought that perhaps the best way to show you how much fun it can be doing something irrational and irresponsible was to tape it. Here you can enjoy us waiting impatiently because people who don't know to expect a kitten at their doorstep might leave haphazardly to go to the gym. Which makes giving you a gift difficult.

And here you can watch as he STILL DOESN'T KNOW and therefore, doesn't rush to answer his door when we realize he is not, in fact, at the gym at all. He's just ignoring us.

And last, but not least, the reason we're here. Little did we know that by the end of the day he'd be named Gene Wilder The Cat and head bumping Matt to show his affection.

Everybody needs a kitten. Ashley & Beth can make it happen.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Great Loss

My mother washed my iPod.

She didn't mean to. I mean, really, it was my fault. I had it in the pocket of a sweatshirt and she had no idea it was in the laundry on my floor and bam. She pulled out a pair of headphones from the washer and the dreaded "Oh God...something more expensive is in here with these" feeling hit her stomach.

She's been trying to dry it out with a hair dryer for about two weeks now. I think we've finally pulled the proverbial plug on it's life.

You wouldn't think losing your first iPod to such an accident as this would be detrimental, but it is. It's like a piece of me is missing when I walk through the aisles of the grocery store, trying to avoid "helpful" staff. I can't fathom going to the gym alone anymore, or walking the dogs in the summer evenings. Listening to it illegally in the car is gone. And yesterday, when Beth and myself participated in the 5K, I wished more than anything I had it in my pocket, because this song has been begging for me to listen to it while I exercise. It's get me moving, like so many other weirdly great songs do.

So add it to your iPod for me. And protect that little guy...he's more valuable to you than you realize. It's VV Brown's "Shark In The Water" and I had to use a fan video because the company that owns her music video disabled embedding. Which is a shame, because she's a sassy strutter and I wish I could show her skills to you.

The song will have to do for now.